The Geek Down The Street is selling his website 
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A couple years back it was suggested by a friend that I start my own website for a computer repair business.
Where do some people get their computer fixed? They go to the geek down the street! He was telling me I was the geek that fixed all my friends computers and I worked for a case of beer here or a six pack there. I started entertaining the thought of turning it into a business.
So I bought the domain which stood for The Geek Down The Street. Little did I know I was lucky to get a 5 character domain.
But those 5 initials can stand for more interesting things. Here is a list of what I have come up with.
  • The girls down the shore
  • The girls down the street
  • The girls doing the shots
  • The gang down the street
  • The guys down the street
You get the point. There are also plenty of adult related activities with the initials DTS and remember what TG could stand for.
The right marketing genius could take this concept far. This name is worth thousands of dollars in the right hands. Please do not offer anything less.
 people want to hang out with the girls down the street.
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